Managing your time

UVic distance online courses usually require between 8 and 12 hours per week to complete a course. Assignments are spaced out over the length of the course to help you pace your work. Courses include assignment/activity schedules and calendars to help you plan your study time.

Here are a few suggestions to help you make the most of your study time.

Organize Your Study around Other Commitments

You have already made fixed time commitments to your family, your work and your friends. Try to set up a study schedule that recognizes these time commitments. However you set up your study schedule, treat that time as seriously as you do your job or your sleep time.

Be Realistic About Your Study Schedule

Try to be realistic in planning your study time. You probably will have to give up some of the things you do to make time for study. However, almost everybody needs some down time for recreation and leisure activities. You will find it easier to stick to a study schedule if it includes some time to relax.

Try To Get Some Study Done Every Day

Study is easier if you can spread the work out, rather than trying to cram it all into a few days. Research with university students has shown that you learn better and remember more if you spread out your study.

Set Realistic Goals

Set goals for yourself! Each time you begin a period of study, decide what it is you want to accomplish in the time you have. And make sure that your goal is a realistic one. If you’ve set aside 3 hours for study, your goal might be to read two assigned chapters in your text and make summary notes, or it might be to write several pages of an essay.

Be Realistic about Your Concentration Span

Most people find it difficult to concentrate for long periods. In fact, many people find that their attention begins to wander after 20 minutes. If you plan to read or write for long periods of time, break up your study with short breaks for a stretch or walk around and you’ll find it easier to stay focused.

Let us know if you have time management suggestions that have worked for you.

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