Logging in to Moodle

When Can I Login?

The date you can log into your Moodle course is listed in the access letter you should have received from the Program delivering your course. It is typically by noon, Pacific Time, of the Friday preceding the first week of your course.

How Do I Login?

Access to UVic Moodle courses depends on obtaining a UVic NetLink-ID and UVic e-mail account. You MUST have a NetLink-ID and UVic e-mail account or you will not be able to access your Moodle course/s; you should apply for them immediately so that you will be able to begin your course on time.

If you already have a NetLink ID and UVic e-mail account, you can skip to Where Do I Login? below.

Creating a NetLink Account

  1. Before you can apply for a NetLink-ID, you must have a UVic V-number and you must be registered in at least one course. If this is your first course at UVic and you have not already received your UVic V-number, contact the program area from which you are taking this course.
    Thompson Rivers University - Open Learning (TRU-OL) students:
    If you registered in a UVic course your UVic network privileges (including NetLink ID) will go into effect two weeks before the start of your course. If you are a TRU-OL student, you will not be able to set up a NetLink-ID until two weeks before the start of your course.
  2. Go to: https://netlink.uvic.ca. Click on "NetLink-ID: application form". Read through the agreement form, and click the "I agree to abide ..." button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Complete the eligibility test.
  4. Register your NetLink ID. This involves choosing a password, so pick something you can remember.
    Your NetLink password must be a mix of either upper and lower case letters, or a mix of letters and numbers. The password must be between 6-8 characters in length; it should not be something that can be easily guessed or a word that can be found in a dictionary.
    RECORD THIS INFORMATION SOMEWHERE FOR YOUR FUTURE REFERENCE. Your NetLink ID is also your "access-key" to online library services.

Where Do I Login?

After working though this Startup Kit, and on or after the date listed in your access letter, you can login to your Moodle course(s) by navigating to the Distance Education Services Login page. Once there,

  1. From the Course Login page, click on the link for your Program.
  2. Note any software requirements listed beside your course title and make sure you have installed these programs. (E.g. Acrobat Reader, Flash, QuickTime)
  3. Click on the “Login to my Account” link to access the login page.
  4. Enter your NetLink ID and NetLink Password, and click the Login button.

What Should I Do First?

After you have logged into your Moodle course, there are two Profile settings we recommend you check before you begin working on your course. Please see the Editing Your Moodle Profile section under Participants & Profiles for more details.



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