Navigating through your Moodle Course

You can navigate within your Moodle course using links that are grouped by unit or module, or by using links that are grouped by type of resource or activity.


On the homepage you will see the units or modules of your course grouped into sections in the right-hand side of the page. Each unit or module on this page (as shown in the example below) includes links to relevant text resources, forum (discussion) tools and assignments.

Moodle homepage

Course Menu block

Most Moodle courses also include a Course Menu block on the left-hand side of the page (see image above) containing navigation links that lead directly to each of the major items for each unit or module. This block will be available on most pages in your Moodle course.


Your Moodle course includes a series of ‘breadcrumbs’ that move from left to right across the top of your page (right underneath the Course title). Each item in the breadcrumbs represents an function or page in which the next is nested. For example the breadcrumb:

Moodle breadcrumbs

indicates that the current page (the page you are on) is the Unit 1 Notes page. Working backwards through the breadcrumb items from right to left will first lead back to Section 1; then to the Moodle 2 Demo course home page (moodle2-demo); then to all of your courses (My Courses); and finally to the main login page (Distance). Notice that only some of the items in the breadcrumb trail are links. In the above example, only Distance, moodle2-demo and Unit 1 Notes are links.

Browser buttons

Moodle supports the use of the back and forward buttons on your internet browser. However, as described in the Forums page in this Startup Kit, you should be aware that if you are composing a message in Moodle and you navigate away from the composition page without posting your message, your work will be lost!



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