Calendar in Moodle

The Calendar allows instructors to post due dates for assignments and other activities as helpful reminders for students. The Calendar also allows students to post private* reminders for deadlines and events. (*Private reminders are visible only to the student who posts them).

Events Key

There are FOUR categories of calendar events that you may encounter in your Moodle course(s).

  1. Site event: an event posted by a Moodle course administrator that is visible in all Moodle courses. This may be used to inform all Moodle users about a maintenance issue, or a power outage.
  2. Course event: an event posted by an instructor. It generally something specific to the course (for example, an assignment deadline) and is visible to all students in that course.
  3. Group event: an event posted by an instructor that is only visible to the members of one group in a specific course.
  4. User event: an event that can be posted by a student and that is visible only to the student who posted the event. Think of it as a personal reminder…

    Calendar categories

Add a Private Calendar Entry

  1. Locate the small calendar block on the left or right side of your Moodle window.
  2. Click on the Month at the top of the calendar tool to go to the editable version of the calendar.
    Add an event
  3. Click on the New Event button (at the top-right of the Month window).
  4. Enter a name for your event, and a description (if needed).
  5. Select a Date for your event.
    (You can also set a Duration period and/or set the event to Repeat).
  6. To save your event, click the Save changes button. Your new entry will now appear in your calendar.



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