Copy/Paste into Moodle

Compose/Save Offline

For many reasons, it is a good idea to compose long messages offline (e.g. on your own computer in Word or WordPerfect) rather than composing them directly in a Moodle message (for example, a discussion forum or email message).

  • Composing messages offline will protect you from any Internet connection “blips” that might interrupt your Moodle connection, causing you to lose the message you’ve worked so hard on.
  • Composing messages offline will also allow you to save a copy of your message on your own computer (which is a particularly good back-up to have in the case of assignments.)
  • Finally, this version of Moodle supports most Word formatting. If you compose in Word and use bold, italics, bulleted lists, and tables in your message, these style choices will automatically appear when you copy/paste your message into Moodle. Beware, however, that not all your formatting choices may appear in your message after cutting and pasting it. Moodle messages, however, do give you many formatting options which you can use to add any formatting that was missed.

It is very important to note that Moodle will time-out (boot you out) if you are “inactive” for a certain amount of time. If you do compose directly into Moodle and need or want to take a break before sending your message (for example, if it is a long discussion posting), you would be well advised to copy/paste it into an offline document as a back-up! You can even compose your entire message offline (in WORD or any other word-processing program) and then copy and paste it into your Moodle post. Just be aware of this or you may lose everything you composed if Moodle logs you out before you complete and post your message.

Copy/Paste into Moodle

Once you have composed your message offline, you can “copy and paste” it into a new Moodle message. The following instructions will help you if you aren’t sure how to copy and paste text from one program into another.

  • Compose your message in a word-processing program like Word, WordPerfect, WordPad, etc. Save it as you go.
  • Once you have finished your message and are satisfied that it’s ready, save it again. Now click on EDIT at the top of your word-processing program and then click on SELECT ALL. You will see that all of your text is now highlighted.
  • Again, click on EDIT in your word-processing program. This time, click on COPY.
  • Now, if you have not already done so, open your Internet browser and login to your Moodle course. Open a new forum post.
    (Use the instructions provided in the Forums page in this Startup Kit for more details on this process.)
  • Click your mouse in the composition box of your new message and use one of the following options to paste your text:
    • On your keyboard, hold down the CTRL key and press the V key. This is the keyboard shortcut for “paste.” (Mac users: press the APPLE and V keys.) Your text should now appear in the message box.
      Learn more about using shortcut keys for common tasks.
    • OR, if you are using a PC, Use the right button on your mouse (i.e. the one you don’t use all the time. If you have configured your mouse for left-handed use, then this will probably be your left button.). Clicking on the right-button here will bring up a small, pop-up menu. Select Paste in this window, and your text should appear in the message box.



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