Test Your Browser for Using Moodle

Cookie Test

Click the link below to test for whether or not "cookies" are enabled in your browser. (Cookies are small bits of information that are saved to your computer; Moodle requires cookies for authentication purposes only.)

Test whether cookies are enabled

  • Results
    • If a pop-up message appears, your browser is configured to accept cookies.
    • If you do not see a pop-up message, your browser is not configured to accept cookies. Please use the directions provided in our Cookies tutorial.

Pop-up Killer Test

Click the link below to test for whether or not you have an active "pop-up killer" enabled. Some functions in Moodle display content in a pop-up window on your computer screen. If you have a "pop-up killer" installed and enabled on your computer, these functions will not work.

Test whether pop-up killer is enabled



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