How to Attach Files to Forum Postings & Assignments

To attach a file to a forum post:

  1. In the discussion forums area, Add a new topic or Reply to an existing forum post/message. For information on how to start new topics and reply to posts, go to the Forums page in this Startup Kit.
  2. Enter a topic subject and some message text in your post. Then click on the Browse button near the bottom of the page to attach a file. (See image below.)

    Moodle Forum Attachment

  3. A window will open to allow you to find the location of the file you wish to attach on your computer. Once you have found and selected a file, click the Open button. The new window will then close and your file’s name (along with its location on your computer) will appear in the ‘Attachment’ line.
  4. Click on the Post to forum button to complete your post.



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