Assignments in Moodle

Your Moodle course includes tools that allow you to submit assignments directly to your instructor. Always be careful to read the instructions for EACH of your assignments - some instructors may still require you to submit assignments using external e-mail.

There are numerous types of assignments, but so you can always identify them, wherever they are and no matter what they’re called, all of them use a distinctive icon. They are indicated within a unit or module like this:

Moodle Assignment Icon

Types of Assignments

Online Text Assignment

An online text assignment allows you to submit text right in Moodle (like using a discussion forum) rather than uploading a file from your computer into Moodle (see the File Upload Assignment section below for information on this kind of assignment).

  • Navigate to the appropriate Assignment page.

  • Click on the Edit my submission button.

    Moodle Online Assignment main

  • Type in your assignment text into the Submission window.

  • Click on the Save changes button.

    Moodle Online Assignment Submit

NOTE: If you navigate away from this window while still working on your assignment, or if your browser or Internet service falters while you are composing a message, you will lose anything you have typed!! For lengthy submissions, it is better to compose your text offline first (on your own computer in a word-processing program), and then copy/paste it into the Moodle Submission box. For information on how to do this, go to the Copy/Paste page in this Startup Kit.

File Upload Assignment

In addition to assignment instructions, an Assignment page in Moodle may also include an upload tool. This tool helps you submit files from your computer directly to your Moodle course, where they are accessible only to the course instructor and the Onlinehelp Desk.

The upload portion of the Assignment page will only be visible to you during a period of time specified by your instructor. If you cannot see an upload function on your assignment page, it may be that you are either too early or too late with your assignment - check with your instructor to be sure!

To upload and submit a file as part of an assignment:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Assignment page. If the “Upload this file” feature has been enabled, you will see a Submission section on the Assignment page. (See image below)

    Moodle Upload Assignment

  2. Upload your assignment file from your computer to Moodle.
    • In the Submission section, click the Browse button to locate your assignment file on your computer.
    • Using the new window that opens, find the file you want to upload.
    • Select your assignment file and click on the Open button. The new window will close, and your file’s name (along with its location on your computer) will appear next to the Browse button.
    • Click on the Upload this file button to complete the upload.
  3. Now you have some or all of the following options: (See image below).

    Moodle Upload Assignment File
    • Retrieve your file for editing.
      To download your file back to your computer, click on its filename in the Submission area and save it to your computer. If you edit and re-submit your assignment file, make sure to delete the old one or let your instructor know that you have edited a submitted file (in case they have retrieved the original file for grading!)
    • Delete your file.
      In the Submission area, click on the X to the right of the file name. Select Yes to confirm.
    • Upload another file (if settings permit).
      Click the Browse… button and find the next file you want to upload from your computer.
    • Add/Edit notes associated with your assignment submission.
      Click the Edit button under the Notes section.
  4. After your instructor has graded your assignments, they may upload a response file and/or comments for you to review. To check for comments from your instructor,
    • Either click on the Gradebook link in the Course Menu and then on the Grade item you with to check, or navigate to the appropriate Assignment page.
    • If your instructor has included comments with your assignment, they will be visible in the Submissions feedback box along with your grade.
    • If your instructor has included comments within your assignment document itself, you will be able to click on the link for the commented document, and save it to your computer so you can go through the comments outside of Moodle

Offline Activity Assignment

An Offline Activity Assignment does not involve submitting text or a document, but may involve doing work offline (i.e. outside of the Moodle course), and perhaps submitting it through email or in the discussion forums.

All you will see on this kind of assignment page are the instructions for how to complete the assignment, along with its due date.



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