Using Keyboard Shortcuts

The following table provides keyboard alternatives to "mousing" for common tasks like copying, pasting, and saving text. Learning to use keyboard shortcuts not only saves time, but will also help you in situations where program menus are unavailable or hard to find. Keyboard shortcuts have been provided for both Windows and Mac users; keyboard combinations need to be pressed simultaneously.


Windows Users

Mac Users

Select All (text on page)

Ctrl + A

Command + A

Copy (selected text)

Ctrl + C

Command + C

Cut (selected text)

Ctrl + X

Command + X

Paste (copy/cut text)

Ctrl + V

Command + V

Save (current file)

Ctrl + S

Command + S

Print (current page)

Ctrl + P

Command + P

Open NEW (eg. browser window, Word doc.)

Ctrl + N

Command + N

Undo (last entry/keystroke)

Ctrl + Z

Command + Z

Find (on page)

Ctrl + F

Command + F

Next link/checkbox/textbox (on a web page)



Previous link/checkbox/textbox (on a web page)

Shift + Tab

Shift + Tab



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