Privacy Considerations in CourseSpaces

Be aware that while your CourseSpaces course is password-protected, program administrative staff, CourseSpaces administrators and Onlinehelp Desk staff have access to the site. You should not post anything on this site you are not comfortable sharing with others or having archived as a permanent record.

All UVic CourseSpaces courses are automatically archived on a UVic server.

Confidentiality Statement

Learning in the CourseSpaces environment requires that you know the extent to which your confidentiality is respected. It also requires that you respect the confidentiality of others. Only the instructor, program administrative staff, CourseSpaces administrators, Onlinehelp Desk staff, and the students registered in this course should have access to your CourseSpaces site. No one else should be given access to the site without the approval of the participants; you should not share your login information with anyone!

Through course contact and assignments you will learn other students’ names and their views. All such information should be treated as confidential just as you would in a regular class room.

Communication and materials from the course should not be forwarded to people not registered in the course. All discussions that occur as part of this course are to be kept confidential and not used outside of the course context.



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    Phone (International)
  • Hours (Pacific Time)
    Monday to Thursday
    » 8:30 am to 7:00 pm
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    Saturday & Sunday
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