Databases in CourseSpaces

Your CourseSpaces course may also include a tool that allows you to create, display and search a database (a structured collection of records that can include text, images, web links, etc.). For example, your instructor may ask you to work with fellow students to create a database containing links, information, reference lists, etc. about a specific topic. In this case, the basic database will be created by your instructor, and you will be given information as to how to add entries to it as a group.

You can always identify Database activities, wherever they are and no matter what they’re called, by looking for the distinctive database icon. They are indicated within a unit or module like this:

CourseSpaces Database Icon

Using and adding to a Database

If a course has a database in it, there will usually be a direct link to each Database activity within that course’s unit or module groupings on the homepage. Some courses will also have links in a detailed Course Menu block found in the right or left margin of your course homepage. To use a Database:

    • Navigate to the appropriate Database page.

      CourseSpaces Database main

    • Click on the View list tab to see all the database entries.
      • From this tab you can change the number of entries you see on the page, search the entries, and sort the entries.

    • Click on the View single tab to see individual entries (each entry appears on a separate page).

    • Click on the Search tab to find a specific entry.

    • Add an entry (if your instructor has not disabled this function). To add an entry simply fill in the fields provided according to instructor’s instructions, and click on either the Save and view button (if you are just adding one entry) or the Save and add another button (if you want to add multiple entries to the database).

    CourseSpaces Database New Entry



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