When to Attach Files to Forum Postings

Should I attach files to my CourseSpaces messages?

You should only use the attachment function in CourseSpaces Forums if you have been required to submit an assignment/activity as an attachment. (And, if you do submit an attachment, ALWAYS make sure you have included your name on the document; if you don’t, your instructor will not be easily able to identify whose assignment they are marking. See the Naming Convention page in this Startup Kit for help with this.)

If you aren’t required to submit an assignment as an attachment, NEVER attach your actual post/message as a document! Just enter your message into the body of the Forum message window. This will avoid any attachment access-problems your classmates/instructors might have when trying to open your attached file. Also, when you attach a file to a CourseSpaces message, your classmates and instructor have to download the file before they can open and read it. If you post an actual message as an attachment, and if a classmate or your instructor returns to review your message a second or third time, they will have to download your attachment each time they want to re-read it. When you type in your post/message into the Forum message window, however, anybody can read your text just by opening your post.

Finally, if you type your text into the Forum message window rather than posting it as an attachment, your classmates and instructor won’t need to feel as worried about getting viruses from the electronic files.



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