How to present in the Blackboard Collaborate Whiteboard

In the Whiteboard, blank screens can be drawn on or written on, or used to display MS PowerPoint or Impress presentations to participants. The Whiteboard is the main visual presentation area of Blackboard Collaborate (see image below).

In order to present using the whiteboard, your instructor/moderator has to give you (temporary) permissions to add content to the Whiteboard for your presentation. So, when it is time for you to present, the instructor will give you moderator status and you will be able to control the Whiteboard, including what your fellow participants see in their Whiteboard screens.


Whiteboard Navigation/Presentation

Once you have been given moderator privileges, you will see several sets of tools you can use with the whiteboard. Above the main Whiteboard area is a set of navigation tools, to the left of the Whiteboard area is a set of editing tools, and below the Whiteboard area is a set of contextual editing tools (for example, if you are using the “pen/drawing” tool, your contextual editing tools will be a selection of colours to choose from for your drawing.)

Loading Content to the Whiteboard

Loading Images

To load image files from your computer into the Whiteboard,

  • Click on the Load Content button located above the Whiteboard.
    Whiteboard Load Conent button
  • Find the image file you want on your computer and select it.
  • Click the Open button.
  • Select “Import Images as Individual Pages” to place the image on a new Whiteboard page, or select “Place Images on Current Page” to place the image on the current Whiteboard page.
    Collaborate Load Content options
  • After the image is on the Whiteboard page, you can click and drag it to a different location on the page.

    Loading Presentations

    You can include PowerPoint and Impress presentations and images in your Whiteboard presentations. To load PowerPoint or Impress presentations to your Whiteboard,

    Note: You must have either Microsoft PowerPoint or Impress installed on your computer in order to load presentations to Blackboard Collaborate.

    • Navigate to the Whiteboard page after which you would like your presentation to be loaded.
    • Click on the Load Content button located above the Whiteboard.

      Whiteboard Load Content button

    • Find the file you want to load on your computer, select it and click on the Open button.
    • If you have both PowerPoint and Impress installed on your computer, Blackboard Collaborate will ask you which program you would like to use to import your presentation. Select either one and click “Load”.

      Whiteboard Load Content options

    • Each slide in your presentation will now be loaded onto a separate Whiteboard screen, and you are ready to begin presenting.

    Navigating in the Whiteboard

    Navigation controls for the Whiteboard appear in two places: the Page Explorer window, and above the Whiteboard itself.

    Page Explorer

    After loading content to the Whiteboard, the navigation controls disappear from above the Whiteboard and the Page Explorer window will appear.

    Page Explorer

    The title of the page currently displayed in the Whiteboard is shown in the drop-down menu at the top of the Page Explorer (in the image above, it's the “Public Page”). To navigate to other pages,

    • Click the arrow buttons next to the drop-down list. This advances the displayed pages one at a time.
    • Select a page in the drop-down menu.
    • Double-click a page in the Page Explorer.

    Additionally, there are controls that allow you to set how the other participants follow your presentation.

    • Follow checkbox
      To ensure that all the participants in the Blackboard Collaborate session are seeing the slide you, as the presenter, have navigated to, make sure that the Follow checkbox Page Explorer Follow checkbox is selected.

    • Explorer Mode button
      If you wish to look ahead or back in your slides without changing the slide displayed to the room, click the Explorer Mode button Explorer Mode button while leaving Follow checked. To return to the page that the other participants are viewing, click the Explorer Mode button again.

    Finally, if you close the Page Explorer window (to do this, click the ‘X’), the Whiteboard navigation controls return to their place above the Whiteboard itself, as seen in the image below.

    Navigation Controls Above the Whiteboard



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