Problems using Blackboard Collaborate

On this page you will find descriptions of some of the most common problems encountered during Blackboard Collaborate sessions. Each description is followed by instructions on how to correct the particular problem. The common problems we will discuss are: audio lag, what to do when slides do not fit in the whiteboard, and what to do if the window layout has been changed.

Audio Lag

At times during your session, you may notice that the audio you hear is beginning to lag behind the slides you see in the Whiteboard.  Blackboard Collaborate will eventually realize that your audio and whiteboard have fallen out of synch, and will play the audio for you at a faster pace in order to catch you up.

Although this feature is a great convenience, you may find the initial lag frustrating. Often, the cause of the audio lag is the connection speed being set too high. Setting the connection speed lower may mitigate or eliminate the problem.

To reduce your connection speed setting

  • In the Tools menu, choose Preferences… to open the Preferences window.
  • In the Preferences window, click on Connection under Session (highlighted in the image below).

    Connection Speed

  • From the Connection Speed drop-down menu (highlighted in the image below) that appears on the right, click on a connection speed above the one currently selected. For instance, if Cable/DSL is checked in the list, try selecting ISDN (which is a slower connection speed).
  • Click OK to save the new setting. If the audio lag persists, try an even slower speed setting.

Slides Do Not Fit in Whiteboard

If you have vertical and/or horizontal scroll bars in your Whiteboard screen, and you need to keep moving them to see all the content on slides, select “Fit Page” from the drop-down list above the Whiteboard (see image below). Resetting your window size this way will cause the slides to automatically scale to the size of the Whiteboard screen, and you will then see the entire slides (at a reduced resolution), no matter what the size of the Blackboard Collaborate window is.

Scale to Window

Window Layout Changed

Blackboard Collaborate starts up in its default window layout, with all components (such as the Participants Window, the Whiteboard, etc) visible. It is possible to click and drag components around the Blackboard Collaborate window, or even out of it. We recommend using the default window layout.

If you have changed the window layout and wish to return to the default layout, though, you can always access the View menu. In the View menu, select Restore Default Layout and your window will return to the default layout.



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