Recording and Playing Back a Blackboard Collaborate Session


You may, in some instances, be responsible for recording your Blackboard Collaborate session. For instance, if you are using Blackboard Collaborate to work with your classmates on a project, you instructor may not be present to start the recording. If so, you will need to be a moderator.

Recording Controls

If you are a moderator in a Blackboard Collaborate session, you will see a Record button in the top-right corner of the Blackboard Collaborate screen. In order to start recording, click the button and confirm that you wish to start recording.

Record button

Once recording has started, the Record button will display “Recording” (see image below). If you wish to pause the recording (for instance, if your session breaks for a short time), click the button again. When you wish to resume recording, click the Record button again. When the part of your session that you wish to record is complete, click the button once more.

Recording button


Your Blackboard Collaborate classroom sessions will normally be recorded and made available for your review.

If your instructor makes the recordings available, you can access them from your course website. They appear as links, listing the date of the session. Find the date of the session you would like to review, and click on it. A Blackboard Collaborate playback session will open.

Playback Controls

Recording playback controls are located at the bottom of the window. Press the Play button to start playback, and the Pause button to pause playback (see image below).

Playback Timer and Slider

Also at the bottom of the recording window are a timer and a bar that indicate the current point in the session recording. You can use the slider on the bar to move to any point in the recording. Click the slider and drag it to the right or left (see image below).

Playback Controls



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