File size and name

You should restrict the size of your presentation file to 2 MB (megabytes). Files larger than this may cause difficulties, particularly when sending them as attachments.

Before you submit your file to your instructor, check to make sure that your filename meets the following criteria. If it does not, resave/rename your file according to these criteria. Incorrect filenames may prevent your presentation from being uploaded or from running properly in Blackboard Collaborate.

Does your file name include:

  • any “illegal” characters?
    Your filename should not contain any non-alphanumeric characters (for example, ! @ # $ % ‘ “ &, meaning that Presentation#7.rtf is wrong; Presentation7.rtf is correct.) The only acceptable non-alphanumeric characters are an underscore ( _ ) or a hyphen (-).
  • any spaces?
    Your filename should not contain any spaces. For example “My Presentation” is wrong; “My_Presentation.rtf” or “MyPresentation.rtf” are correct.
  • enough information to make sense to your instructor once the file has been downloaded to her/his computer?
    Try to keep your filenames short but meaningful, and ideally, include your name. For example, “LSmith_nura511_pres1.ppt" would help the recipient quickly identify that this file had been created by "L. Smith" and probably had something to do with "Presentation #1" for the course "NURA 511".
    Remember, you may not be the only one submitting presentation files to your instructor and clear filenames will help your instructor keep track of everyone’s submissions.



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