Audio & Video Window in Blackboard Collaborate

The Audio & Video Window is located in the top, left-hand corner of your Blackboard Collaborate window, and contains the tools for using the microphone function, for monitoring and controlling microphone and volume levels, as well as the video window and controls for using the webcam function (see image below).

Blackboard Collaborate Audio Window

Audio Controls

  1. Microphone
    To pick up and use the microphone, click on the Talk button in the Audio Window, and speak into your microphone or headset. Notice (as in the image below) that after you click on the ‘Talk’ button, a microphone icon appears on the Talk button, and twice in the Participants Window, allowing you and the other participants to see that you have the microphone privilege.
    NOTE: In most sessions, only one participant at a time can use the microphone. When you request the microphone, you will be placed in a queue and will have to wait until others ahead of you in the queue have had their turn with the microphone. When you have finished speaking, click on the ‘Talk’ button again to release the microphone, allowing others to pick it up.
    If you do not click the microphone button to release the microphone, your microphone feed will remain active and no one else in the session will be able to use the microphone!

    Audio & Video Window Talk

  2. Audio Levels
    Two level bars in the Audio Window show the strength of your microphone and speaker volume signals. Neither bar should ever fill up entirely. The sliders on them can be moved left or right to adjust the signal strength down and up (respectively).
    In the image below, the microphone button has been pressed and the participant is speaking into his or her microphone. You can see that the microphone level bar is about half full. This is the ideal level when speaking. Adjust the slider on the level bar while you are speaking so that the level bar doesn’t fill up much more than this.

    Audio Window microphone

Video Controls

  1. Video Window
    Any webcam video, including your own, that is being streamed in the session will appear in this window.

    Video Window

  2. Video Controls
    If you have a webcam built-in or connected to your computer, you can use the video controls to stream video from your webcam to the session. First, click on the Preview button (highlighted in the image below) to see what your video stream will look like in the video window.

    Video Preview function

    If you are satisfied with how the preview looks, click the Video button (highlighted in the image below) to begin broadcast to the session. Also in the image below, note the webcam icon that appears twice in the Participants Window, which indicates to the other participants in the session that you are broadcasting your webcam video.

    Video Controls


  1. Audio Setup Wizard
    You can access the Audio Setup Wizard via a button above the video window:

    Audio Setup Wizard button

  2. Settings menu
    All other audio and video settings can be access via the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the Audio & Video Window:

    Audio and Video Settings menu



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