Configure & test audio for using Blackboard Collaborate

In order to participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session, you will need to have audio working on your computer. This means you will need speakers (or a headset) and a microphone, and will also need to make sure they are working before you join a class session. We recommend using a headset, as this eliminates the chance of feedback, which is what occurs when a microphone picks up and re-transmits the audio coming from speakers.

You should perform the following steps on any and every computer you plan to join a session with, prior to joining the session. You can perform these steps days or even weeks in advance of the session.

  1. Plug your speakers and microphone, or your headset, into your computer. NOTE: You must do this before starting a Blackboard Collaborate session so that the system recognizes your audio equipment.
  2. Click on the following link to go to the Blackboard Collaborate Support page: Depending on your browser's Java configuration (see the Browser Tests page for more information if needed), your results from this point may vary.
  3. If you see a red ‘X’ in your browser window under “Your Java Webstart Version” in “Step 1: Checking System Requirements ”, go to the Java homepage and go through the steps there to download and install Java on your computer. When you have completed the Java installation, return to the Blackboard Collaborate Support page; you should now see a green check mark.
    If you see two green check marks in your browser under Blackboard Collaborate Support page's “Step 1: Checking System Requirements”, click on the Configuration Room link under “Step 2 – Complete your setup” to start up a limited Blackboard Collaborate session.
  4. After clicking on the Configuration Room link:
    • If a yellow bar appears at the top of your browser window:
      • Click on the yellow bar and select “Download File…” from the menu that pops up.
    • If you are asked to Save and/or Open a file at this point:
      • If you have the option to open this file, do so. You may first be asked to “accept” an agreement.  If so, click on the “I agree” option, and then click on the OK button to open the file.
      • If you only have the option to save the file, save it to your desktop. Once the file has downloaded, you will be asked if you wish to open it. Do so.
  5. You will now see a welcome message, which includes steps describing how to start the Audio Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions in the welcome message to run the Audio Setup Wizard (this is Step 1 in the welcome message’s list).  If you don’t see a welcome message with this information, you can access the Audio Setup Wizard by going to the Tools menu, choosing Audio and then choosing Audio Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions to setup your audio.

    NOTE:  If your headset is plugged into a USB port on your computer, you must select the USB setting in the Select Audio Output Device section of the Audio Setup Wizard.  If you don’t select the USB setting before clicking on the Next button, Blackboard Collaborate will not recognize your USB headset.

    Step 2 describes how to set your connection speed. Again, if you do not see the welcome message, you can access the connection speed settings by choosing:
    • On a Windows PC: Edit menu | Preferences | Session | Connection
    • On a Mac: Blackboard Collaborate menu | Preferences | Session | Connection

When you are finished, close the Configuration Room window by choosing:

  • On a Windows PC: File menu | Exit.
  • On a Mac: Blackboard Collaborate menu | Quit Blackboard Collaborate.



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