Application/desktop sharing in Blackboard Collaborate

Application or Desktop sharing means that if you are given permission, you can allow other participants to see or run/control applications that are on your own computer/desktop.  This can be particularly useful when you are giving webtours and you need to have participants access password-protected websites, or when you need to submit online forms and have participants see the results.

Procedure to share an application

A moderator must first give you permission to host an Application Sharing session.

  • Open the application you wish to share.
  • Click the Application Sharing button (see image below).

    Application Sharing button
  • Collaborate will display a list of all of your open applications. Select the application you wish to share with the group, or select Share Entire Desktop, which means that the other participants will be able to see everything that is open on your computer, and click Share.

    Select application to share

  • The other participants will now see the Application Sharing window, along with the application(s) you have chosen to share.
  • When the Application Sharing window opens, you may need to resize it so you can see the entire application. You will also notice that the application window being shared now has a yellow border.
  • As the participant viewing the shared application, you will now be able to see the application at work, but will not be able to use it yourself. This is useful when, for example, your instructor wants to SHOW you how something works.
  • As the person sharing the application, you can give permission to a participant to use your application, for example, to either show you how to do something, or to give them a chance to try out what you have just showed them. To do this,
    • In the Participants Window, select the name of the person to whom you want to give access.
    • In the Tools menu, select Application Sharing and Give Control of Shared Applications.

      Application Sharing give control

    • The participant you have chosen will now have control over your application.
  • To regain control of your application,
    • In the Tools menu, select Application Sharing and Take Away Control of Shared Applications.
    • You have now regained full control over your application, although participants can still view it.

To turn off Application Sharing, go to the Tools menu, select Application Sharing and Stop Sharing. Alternatively, click the Stop button at the top-right of the shared application.

Application Sharing Stop button



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