Installing Flash

Before you download and install this software, locate your course from the Course Login page to confirm that your course requires this software.


Do you already have Flash installed on your machine? There is a small Flash movie embedded on this page, immediately below this paragraph. If you can see this movie, you already have Flash installed.

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If you were not able to view the movie, you need to install the Flash plug-in. If you are not automatically prompted to install Flash:

  • 1. Go to the Adobe Flash Player Download website.

  • 2. Confirm that the operating system Adobe has detected is the one you are using.

  • 3. Deslect the "Yes, install McAfee Security Scan Plus" check-box.

  • 4. Click the Download now button to begin the download process.

  • 5. Once you have completed the download and installation, return to this page to test whether or not you can now see the sample movie.



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